Gone Native

Diese neue Seite nennt sich "Gone Native". Hier werde ich nämlich die Kleinigkeiten aufzählen, die zeigen, wenn man sich an das amerikanische Leben gewöhnt hat:
  • You dream and think in English.  (Obviously)
  • You run around in Flip Flops all the time.
  • You drink everything with ice and without ice it doesn't taste as good.
  • You forget German words and/ or have a hard time translating. (Words, I wasn't able to translate today: color, lesson, icy (I will probably add more words to this list))
  • You can't say German numbers anymore.
  • You can open your school locker without any problems.
  • You are not surprised anymore that water in general is free and you get free refills at restaurants.
  • And most important of all: You use the word "like" at least twice in every single sentence!
Ich werde mein bestes geben, um diese Liste zu vervollständigen!

Your experience may differ!

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